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Heath Harvey, Club Wembley Director

My team from Wembley Stadium attended the Egon Muller Riesling wine tasting dinner at the Travellers Club organised by Akos and his team. The evening was truly wonderful. We tasted some amazing wines with perfectly paired food. Akos was an entertaining and most informative host with a true passion for his line of work. A magnificent evening, enjoyed by all!

Michael Morley, Chief Executive, Coutts Bank

Ákos Forczek Director at Top Selection was the perfect host for a high quality wine tasting event held at Coutts 440 Strand for around 40 clients and prospects. The tasting itself was very professional and Ákos and his partner guided our guests through the wines in an expert and enjoyable way. There was a real buzz around the room as everyone keenly tasted each different grape variety and Akos was always on hand to provide guidance and answers to questions posed.

A supremely successful one off event thanks to the expertise of Ákos and his team.

Gerard Basset OBE, World’s Best Sommelier, Hotel Terravina

“On Sunday the 26th of February 2012, here at Hotel TerraVina we had Akos Forczek presenting a range of Burgundy wines for a special Burgundy evening; it was a triumph. Akos is a very gifted orator full of passion; he speaks from the heart and our guests loved the evening, loved his wines and above all loved listening Akos; Thank you very much Akos and ‘Un Grand Bravo’!”
Gerard Basset



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